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    0172-4616365 or 9988676365
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    S.C.O No 174-175, Suite No.1, First floor, Sector 9-C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh
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About Us

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About VCare at Home

VCare @ Home is the leading home health service provider, known for providing quality care and outstanding service to all of our patients. We offer a number of different services to our patients, ensuring the highest quality care while they remain in the comfort of their own homes.

Why VCare @ Home?

VCare @ Home offers a number of different benefits for the patients and the doctors as well as the hospitals. Our VCare founding doctors and healthcare professionals have over two decades of experience in providing home-based health services in the United States. They teamed with highly esteemed and respected doctors and healthcare professionals in India to bring these services home to you.

VCare @ Home is a one-stop solution for complete coordinated at-home care - VCare @ Home

For The Patients

  • VCare @ Home is a one-stop solution for complete coordinated at-home care
  • Doctor led comprehensive care and assessment plan
  • Assurance of the highest quality care given based on experience and expertise, as well as care given being safe and hassle free
  • Time and cost effective
  • 24/7 monitoring of service providers and care being given
  • Ability to maintain health while remaining in the comfort and convenience of own home

For the Doctors

  • Provide hospital-like care within the patient’s home
  • Assist specialist by offering post-hospitalization care at home
  • Contribute towards the best in-home healthcare practices by being on an advisory panel
  • Receive referral for patients who need advice or consultations beyond home based services
  • Assurance of patient monitoring, progress and follow-up through regular updates post hospital discharge
  • Help improve outcomes of your patients with comprehensive care per your orders as well as the specific needs of the patients
  • Well-trained and qualified staff to provide highest quality of services

For the Hospitals

  • Assured services from a credible organization with more than 20 years of international experience of delivering quality healthcare at home
  • Receive referral of patients who need advice or consultations beyond the home-based services
  • Assurance of patient monitoring and progress through regular updates post hospital charge
  • Help with the improvement of post-operative outcomes of patients with a comprehensive care plans based on the specific needs of the patients
  • Offer complete solutions to your patients including post-operative services to ensure better outcomes and customer satisfaction